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10 January 2013 @ 01:54 am
Index by Category, Part 1  

House "What-If" Rec List - Index by Category

This is Part 1 of the Index by Category. It covers the first half our twenty Fic Categories. View Part 2.

Part 1

On the House "What-If" Rec List we share some of our favorite House, M.D. fics, 'verses, and authors that form a genre we call "What-If."

Here are our recs, indexed by fic category.


  • What-If: This rec list is focused on a genre we call "What-If." In our review of the literature, several categories presented themselves. Stories range from wildly fantastical to essentially realistic, but all depart significantly from canon reality.

  • Recs: We've chosen our top few rec reasons for each work, and listed them alphabetically. Of course, these stories have additional facets that led us to share them with you.

  • Data: Use the sidebar at right to view our recs by by title, by category, by rec reason, by word count, by date, or in the author directory. The main rec list (by title) has the most detailed information per entry, but we deliberately left out pairings. Don't judge a fic by its pairing; jump in and savor the storytelling.

  • Links: Why so many links per fic? Stuff disappears, and we like to be prepared. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to read and leave feedback where you feel most comfortable, no matter how long ago fics were written. We also encourage you to contact authors directly via their journals to let them know you read their work.

  • Lost and Found: If you encounter any broken links or have trouble locating fics, please contact us by PM. Thanks.

After Death/Afterlife

Dead character can interact with a live one (as a ghost, in dreams/unconscious, etc.). Or, a character experiences life on another plane after (or near) his own death.


"Hey! I do the metaphors." —House in 2x12 'Distractions'

Alternate Governance

Modern America has slaves, theocracy, totalitarian state, etc.

Alternate Personal History

Canon character with a different past (e.g., Wilson was Neil Perry from Dead Poets Society as a child). Or, character chose a different path or profession than in canon — and thus never became our canon character at all.

Alternate Time Period

Takes place in a different era/decade/century.

Alternate World History

Things turned out a bit (or a lot) differently than we're used to — crops, foods, customs, exports/imports, costs, transportation, technology, population, country/colony, etc.

Amnesiac Odyssey

Amnesia stories where a character must build a life for himself based on whatever he has to go on.


How our heroes cope, post- (or during) apocalypse. Can be more realistic (epidemic, bomb) or horror (zombies, creature invasion).

Creatures/Mythical Beings

Story includes entities such as vampires, mermaids, werewolves, and so on.

Crossover Elements

Crossover with, or draws concepts from, another fandom or fic 'verse — often one with supernatural/what-iffy elements in its canon.

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