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14 August 2013 @ 02:36 pm
Index by Date  

House "What-If" Rec List - Index by Date

On the House "What-If" Rec List we share some of our favorite House, M.D. fics, 'verses, and authors that form a genre we call "What-If."

Below is an index of our recs listed according to the year in which the first chapter of a fic and/or the first story in a series was initially published. If you'd like more detail, the main rec list (by title) also includes each entry's month and year of publication.

It's fun to look back and see who was writing wonderful what-iffy stories at the same time. :) Did you inspire each other? We hope our rec list inspires your muse to create even more what-iffy goodness — now, and into the future.


  • On the House "What-If" Rec List we share some of our favorite House, M.D. fics, 'verses, and authors that form a genre we call "What-If." Stories range from wildly fantastical to essentially realistic, but all depart significantly from canon reality.

  • What makes a story what-iffy, and why would we rec it? Read definitions of our Fic Categories and Rec Reasons.

  • Use the sidebar at right to view our recs by by title, by category, by rec reason, by word count, by date, or in the author directory. The main rec list (by title) has the most detailed information per entry.

  • If you encounter any broken links or have trouble locating fics or authors/artists, please contact us by PM. Thanks.


  • Everyday Superheroes/Power Generation 'verse, by hannahrorlove & yunafire & akire_yta, with art by admyrrek


  • After the Fall, by pwcorgigirl

  • The Annals 'verse, by nightdog_barks

  • Asphyxiation & In High Seas, by _ares, with a companion piece by lit_luminary

  • The Better Angel, by nightdog_barks

  • Douglas, by sam_storyteller

  • Ides of March, by finding_jay

  • It Don't Mean a Thing, by karaokegal

  • Letters of Transit, by nightdog_barks

  • Mind Over Matter, by npkedit

  • No Little Charity, by perspi, with companion pieces by blackmare & nightdog_barks & lit_luminary

  • Permutations, by daasgrrl

  • Piano Man, by animagiblender

  • Post-Trauma, by alex51324

  • Room at the End of the World, by pwcorgigirl

  • Standoff, by nightdog_barks

  • Tea and Impossibility, by vitawash24

  • This is Me, by ze_toaster

  • Two Ghosts, Sitting Around Talking, by nightdog_barks

  • You and You Can See, by hannahrorlove


  • After Hours, by nakannalee

  • Are You There, God? It's Me, House: Or, The One Where They're Twelve Year Old Girls, by ceruleanshipper

  • Bloodlines & Commentary, by maddoggirl

  • Bytecode (You Are Still in the Matrix Remix), by thedeadparrot

  • Deathwatch, by Tidwell

  • Duck Duck Goose 'verse, by nightdog_barks & fayding_fast

  • Enchantment's Perils, by pwcorgigirl

  • Fighter, by tasha_elizabeth

  • The Fate Machine, by triedunture & Random Selection, by hobbit_feets

  • For Every Closed Door 'verse, by starlingthefool

  • The Furies Breathing, by hannahrorlove

  • Goodnight, My Love, by euclase

  • Here’s A Little Agit For The Never-Believer, by hannahrorlove

  • Imbued Superpowers 'verse, by hannahrorlove & deelaundry & phinnia

  • In the Ruins, by pwcorgigirl

  • Inanimation, by daasgrrl

  • Intersections, by daasgrrl

  • It's a Dangerous Game, by pokeitlikejello

  • Minotaur, by nightdog_barks

  • Not Angels, by deelaundry

  • Nothing, by daisylily

  • The One Where They Get Turned into Penguins, by thedeadparrot

  • Patterns, by nightdog_barks

  • Pencils Are Dangerous, by alex51324

  • P.L.O.T. Device 'verse, by alex51324

  • Porcelain, by zulu

  • Rematch, by daisylily

  • Sleeping Man 'verse, by maineac, with companion pieces by zeppomarx, cindy_lou_who8, & deelaundry

  • Teddy House 'verse, by alex51324

  • Template, by nightdog_barks

  • Untitled [the pony one], by vitawash24

  • The Waiting (is unbearable), by wanttobeatree

  • The War Against the Gabes, by nightdog_barks


  • Blur, by bookgodess15

  • The Culmination, by nowadventuring

  • D5/Wingman 'verse, by srsly_yes

  • Detroit Ragtime, by triedunture

  • Distress Call, by black_cigarette

  • Doctor House Takes a Vacation, by Tidwell

  • Gentle Knock 'verse, by zeppomarx, with commentary by TrooperCam & Priority

  • Half Life, by oldblue, with art by thedeadparrot & brynnamorgan

  • A Joy Forever, by usomitai, with art by brynnamorgan & shutterbug_12

  • Left of West 'verse, by hannahrorlove

  • A Long Slow Fade, by Tidwell

  • The Man Who Wasn't There, by srsly_yes

  • Missing Pieces, by pwcorgigirl

  • The One Where It All Ends & Unicorn Hunter, by deelaundry

  • The Oracle, by fee_folay

  • The Principles of Growth Dæmonverse, by lit_luminary

  • Resurrection of the Unspoken Word, by srsly_yes

  • A Song to be Sung, by nightdog_barks

  • The Stump and the Butterfly, by californiaquail

  • Sunday Brunch, by zeppomarx

  • til the sun breaks down, by pwcorgigirl

  • Watermark, by euclase

  • The Whitney Street Mystery, by t_eyla


  • Afterlife, by pwcorgigirl

  • As the Crow Flies, by empath_eia

  • The Beggar's Horse, by nightdog_barks & A Lame Little Pony, by blackmare & deelaundry

  • A Better You, by daasgrrl

  • Carry Me Home, by nightdog_barks

  • Comes a Day & DVD Commentary, by deelaundry

  • The Cure for Boredom, by mer_duff

  • Enchanted Design, by jaryn_

  • Eucatastrophe, by euclase

  • I Guess It Would Be Nice, by nakannalee

  • The Kindness of Strangers, by KathainBowen

  • Nor Any Voice of Mourning, by nightdog_barks

  • One and One and One is Three, by daasgrrl

  • Water from the Moon, by pwcorgigirl

  • World of Weeping & Elemental Forces, by mer_duff, with art by aolian, alexwhitewell, & hllangel


  • 5 Things that Never Happened at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, by tptigger

  • Adagio e Dolce, by barefootpuddles

  • Blood Letting 'verse, by hannahrorlove & mer_duff, with playlists by letut & seimaisin

  • Crossing Night, by alternatealto

  • A Cure in the Country, by nightdog_barks

  • A Different Point of You, by alternatealto

  • Found, by jezziejay

  • Gardening at Night, by pwcorgigirl

  • Improbable Truth, by srsly_yes

  • Karma on the Mississippi, by srsly_yes

  • Kraken, by nightdog_barks

  • Man in the Mirror, by yarroway

  • The Princess and the Peeved, by cuddyclothes

  • Rebuild the Bridges in Your Mind & Doctor Robert Chase's Queen on the Money Playlist, by st_aurafina

  • Two Steps, by alternatealto

  • Uniforming (Made to Seem), by hannahrorlove, with art by leiascully & usomitai


  • Clash of the Titans, by ahedonia

  • Creature of the Night, by alternatealto

  • Doff Thy Name, by vampmissedith

  • A First Class House, by nightdog_barks

  • Levayah, by jezziejay

  • Of Capes and Cod, by st_aurafina

  • Pirate's Booty, by srsly_yes

  • Reboot, by srsly_yes

  • Regarding House, by flywoman

  • This Place, by downuptime


  • Cross Over, by alternatealto

  • Cure, by alternatealto

  • The Devil and Greg House, by barefootpuddles

  • Have a Heart, by menolly_au

  • His Body, His Choice, by damigella_314, with art by deelaundry

  • (if chase dreamed of fairytales), by ayalesca

  • Images, by alternatealto

  • The Loss Adjuster, by moose_mcmoose

  • La Máquina del Destino [The Fate Machine by triedunture], Spanish translation by theviciouslily & youretheartist

  • Moving Forward, by menolly_au

  • Ningyo, by yarroway

  • Of a Feather, by yarroway

  • West of the Moon 'verse, by srsly_yes

  • Wild, Wild Horses, by yarroway


  • and you're trying to smile, by bittereternity

  • Bang, Bang… (that awful sound), by jezziejay

  • In a Heartbeat, by blackmare, with contributions from nightdog_barks

  • Kryptonite, by yarroway

  • Northern Light, by nightdog_barks

  • An Opening Door, by tailkinker_au (menolly_au)


  • Looking Glass 'verse, by blackmare & nightdog_barks; menolly_au; hannahrorlove

  • There, and Back Again, by alternatealto

Canon Happenings

Just for reference, here are the seasons that aired in the United States when these stories were published:

Season 1: Nov 2004 - May 2005

Season 2: Sept 2005 - May 2006

Season 3: Sept 2006 - May 2007

Season 4: Sept 2007 - May 2008

Season 5: Sept 2008 - May 2009

Season 6: Sept 2009 - May 2010

Season 7: Sept 2010 - May 2011

Season 8: Oct 2011 - May 2012

Refresh your memory with full transcripts and screencaps of every episode.

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