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04 October 2014 @ 12:33 am
Everyday Superheroes / Power Generation 'verse — House Masterpost  

Everyday Superheroes/Power Generation 'verse — House Fic Masterpost

On the House "What-If" Rec List we share some of our favorite House, M.D. fics, 'verses, and authors that form a genre we call "What-If." Story elements range from wildly fantastical to essentially realistic, but all depart significantly from canon reality.

The Everyday Superheroes / Power Generation 'verse is one of the entries featured on our rec list, and to help you delve into these fics, we provide the masterpost below. Enjoy!

Everyday Superheroes / Power Generation 'verse by hannahrorlove & yunafire & akire_yta, with fan art by admyrrek (Rated PG to NC-17)

Power Generation is a fan-constructed universe that began life in the Everyday Superheroes challenge, which asked writers to give characters in other fandoms superpowers. Not in the Superman, save-the-world kind of way, but as an exploration of what it means to be different from other people.

In the nine House-fandom fics (see below), Wilson was born with a tail, and Chase develops a power while working at PPTH. Although you don't need to read the larger Power Generation 'verse to enjoy the House stories, the Introduction post has a wealth of information that may intrigue you.

Category: Human Variation, Powers
Rec Reasons (for this series): Characterization, Premise, Worldbuilding

An Issue Of Bioethics [LJ f-locked] [LJ] [DW] by hannahrorlove & yunafire (2,700 words. April 2005. Rated PG)
“There’s regulations and laws that give us rights, but nothing’s going to change some people’s minds.” Set after 1x02 “Paternity” and before 1x14 “Control.”

Fan Art: An Issue of Bioethics [other] by admyrrek (300 words. April 2005. Not Rated)
Pencil drawing featuring House and Wilson in a scene from An Issue of Bioethics.

Breaking Through [DW] by hannahrorlove (4,200 words. June 2005. Rated PG-13)
"It wasn’t easy to deny slamming full-tilt into a wall when there were nearly three dozen people watching." The epilogue takes place immediately after 1x15 “Mob Rules.”

Deserved Acceptance [LJ f-locked] [DW] by hannahrorlove (1,600 words. June 2005. Rated R)
"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for." — Maureen Dowd. Takes place in 1987, when Wilson is in college.

Stories set during Wilson's childhood:

Three Baby!Tailed!Wilson Ficlets [LJ] by akire_yta (1,200 words. Nov 2005. Not Rated)
Three ficlets for Hannah, who requested baby!tailed!Wilson. These stories feature Wilson as an infant/toddler.

Hide and Seek [LJ] by akire_yta (600 words. Dec 2005. Not Rated)
"Hannahrorlove requested tailed!Wilson and 'How one or more of his immediate relatives thinks of him' or 'Him as a very little boy doing something we would consider cute, like hiding inside a really small space' This fic was meant to be the second, but it kinda ended up somewhere between the two."

Pairing-centered stories:

Everytime I Fall (WIP) [LJ] by akire_yta (200 words. March 2007. Not Rated)
"By now he should have known the symptoms. The distance, the silence, the way his eyes had started to wander of their own accord. But it was still a shock to come home to a half-emptied house and a note on the fridge." Set during 2x14 "Sex Kills"

Dreams of Trees [LJ] by akire_yta (700 words. March 2007. Not Rated, but ~NC-17.)
"It seemed like such an easy deal. He gave Wilson the echo of the man he could never let himself love. And in return Wilson gave him something else – a new perspective, a new way of seeing the world."

Chair [LJ] by akire_yta (1,800 words. March 2007. Not Rated, but ~NC-17.)
"The doctor in him can’t help but notice how different Wilson feels under his hands – it was one thing to know your closest friend was physically different from others, but another to feel it, like this."

Wedding Dance, The [LJ] by akire_yta (800 words. March 2007. Not Rated, but ~PG-13.)
"They had practiced this, danced for hours around the backyard, first out of duty, then out of joy. Under the stars, alone, they had span and laughed and tripped over their feet until finally the movements came together. It was the closest they had come to flying hand in hand." Chase and his bride dance at their wedding.