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01 January 2030 @ 01:52 am
Recs by Title, Part 1 (A-D)  

The House "What-If" Rec List

This is Part 1 of our rec list. View Part 2 (Titles E-M) or Part 3 (Titles N-Z).

Part 1: Titles A-D

Hi! We're lit_luminary and resourceress7. We'd like to share with you some of our favorite House, M.D. fics, 'verses, and authors that form a genre we call "What-If." Many stories were already among our personal favorites, and we discovered many more gems while collecting hundreds of potential recs. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

This is the main rec list, organized by title. This is a good starting place as you explore this site, as it has the most detailed information per fic.


  • What-If: This rec list is focused on a genre we call "What-If." In our review of the literature, several categories presented themselves. Stories range from wildly fantastical to essentially realistic, but all depart significantly from canon reality.

  • Recs: We've chosen our top few rec reasons for each work, and listed them alphabetically. Of course, these stories have additional facets that led us to share them with you.

  • Data: Use the sidebar at right to view our recs by by title, by category, by rec reason, by word count, by date, or in the author directory. The main rec list (by title) has the most detailed information per entry, but we deliberately left out pairings. Don't judge a fic by its pairing; jump in and savor the storytelling.

  • Links: Why so many links per fic? Stuff disappears, and we like to be prepared. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to read and leave feedback where you feel most comfortable, no matter how long ago fics were written. We also encourage you to contact authors directly via their journals to let them know you read their work.

  • Lost and Found: If you encounter any broken links or have trouble locating fics, please contact us by PM. Thanks.

5 Things that Never Happened at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital [LJ] [AO3] [DW] [other] by tptigger (9,200 words. July 2010. Rated G)
Basically, I tried to come up with the five crackiest House crossovers I could. This was the result.
Category: Crossover Elements (Each stand-alone chapter has a different crossover fandom — some familiarity helpful: Hannah Montana; Highlander: The Series; Power Rangers Time Force; Sesame Street; Young Wizards), Magical Realism
Rec Reasons: Humor
Note: We would have included this rec purely for the Sesame Street chapter. Added bonus: it's part of a crossover variety pack.
Adagio e Dolce [LJ] by barefootpuddles (15,700 words. Oct 2010. Rated PG)
Wilson is dead and gone, and House needs to face up to that fact. Or maybe he doesn't; because maybe he isn't.
Category: After Death/Afterlife
Rec Reasons: Characterization, Emotion
After Hours [LJ] by nakannalee (5,300 words. Feb 2007. Rated PG-13)
House and Wilson, one alive and one not, talk in the park.
Category: After Death/Afterlife
Rec Reasons: Characterization, Dialogue, Emotion
After the Fall [LJ] [DW] by pwcorgigirl (3,800 words. March 2006. Rated PG-13)
House never did anything in a conventional manner. Why should death be any different?
Category: After Death/Afterlife
Rec Reasons: Characterization, Emotion
Afterlife [LJ] [DW] by pwcorgigirl (2,900 words. Nov 2006. Rated PG-13)
"We can't go on like this," Wilson said, staring out the windshield at a traffic light that seemed to be stuck on red forever. "It's better for all of us."
Category: Life-Altering Events
Rec Reasons: Characterization, Emotion
and you're trying to smile [LJ] [AO3] by bittereternity (3,200 words. April 2013. Not Rated)
Death and a doctor walk into a bar. Wilson is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, but this is just the beginning.
Category: Deity Chat
Rec Reasons: Emotion, Structure
The Annals 'verse [masterpost] [masterpost] by nightdog_barks
Category: Alternate Time Period
Rec Reasons (for this series): Research, Worldbuilding
The Annals I-IV [LJ: 1-2 3 4] [LJ: 1-2 3-4] [AO3] [DW: 1 2 3 4a 4b 4c] (35,500 words. Sept 2006. Rated PG-13)
Just how long have House and Wilson known each other?
Companion piece: Torchlight [LJ] [LJ] [AO3] [DW] (1,400 words. April 2007. Rated NC-17)
James has an unexpected visitor in the night. Not part of Annals canon.
Companion piece: In the Forest [LJ] [LJ] [AO3] (800 words. Feb 2008. Rated PG-13)
James has a new master. Not part of Annals canon.
Are You There, God? It's Me, House: Or, The One Where They're Twelve Year Old Girls [LJ] by ceruleanshipper (1,000 words. Sept 2007. Not Rated)
An AU where House, Wilson, et al. are middle school girls. Think Judy Blume meets House, MD.
Category: Crossover Elements (Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. — thematic elements only; no prior knowledge needed)
Rec Reasons: Dialogue
As the Crow Flies [LJ] [FF] by empath_eia (13,300 words. May 2009. Rated K+)
Ten falls out of the sky and ends up at Princeton Plainsborough and then he and House go on a wondrous journey of self-discovery in a giant motor home named Princess Love Machine. To Canada. Where they eat eggs and bacon on a magic hill. Tragically.
Category: Alternate Personal History, Crossover Elements (Doctor Who — some familiarity required), Science Fiction
Rec Reasons: Emotion, Imagery, Premise
Asphyxiation [LJ] [AO3] by _ares (6,800 words. April 2006. Rated R)
Wilson learns his pre-history, gets naked, and jumps off a cliff.
Category: Creatures/Mythical Beings, Human Variation
Rec Reasons (for this series): Brainglue, Emotion, Imagery
Companion piece: Asphyxiation [sonnet] [LJ] by lit_luminary (100 words. May 2007. Not Rated)
A Shakespearian sonnet based on "Asphyxiation," written as a token of appreciation for such a wonderful story.
Sequel: In High Seas [LJ] [AO3] by _ares (7,800 words. Oct 2007. Rated PG-13)
The water must be cold.
Bang, Bang… (that awful sound) [LJ] by jezziejay (1,500 words. June 2013. Rated R)
This is a kind of a twisty, fractured thing, kind of fic noir. People may or may not die, or already be dead — it's all about interpretation.
Category: Life-Altering Events
Rec Reasons: Brainglue, Premise, Structure
Note: If we had a category called Creepy Ambiguity Done Incredibly Well, this would be the defining example.
The Beggar's Horse [LJ] [LJ] [AO3] [DW] by nightdog_barks (2,300 words. March 2009. Rated R)
Sometimes a wish is all you have when there's nothing left to hold onto.
Category: Magical Realism
Rec Reasons (for this series): Premise
Sequel: A Lame Little Pony [LJ] [LJ] [DW] by blackmare & deelaundry (3,100 words. March 2009. Rated R)
Getting what you asked for isn't always the same thing as getting what you want.
The Better Angel [LJ] [LJ] [FF] [AO3] by nightdog_barks (6,300 words. Dec 2006. Rated R)
After a terrible assault leads House to re-evaluate his life, a mysterious visitor shows him what the world would've been like if he'd never been born. It's probably a safe bet to say this story is AU.
Category: Wishful Thinking
Rec Reasons: Characterization, Dialogue
A Better You [LJ] [AO3] by daasgrrl (6,900 words. Dec 2009. Rated NC-17)
What if you could become a 'better' version of yourself?
Category: Crossover Elements (Dollhouse — thematic elements only; no prior knowledge needed), Science Fiction
Rec Reasons: Brainglue, Characterization, Emotion
Blood Letting 'verse [masterpost] by hannahrorlove & mer_duff
Category: Creatures/Mythical Beings, Human Variation
Rec Reasons (for this series): Portrayal of Disability, Worldbuilding
Note: The masterpost includes all four chronological fics. Two companion pieces are also included below.
Calling The Moon [LJ] [FF] [DW] by mer_duff (4,100 words. May 2010. Rated PG)
Wilson has always kept secrets from House.
Ollie Ollie, In Come Free [LJ] [DW] [DW: 1 2 3 4] by hannahrorlove (25,500 words. Nov 2010. Rated R)
"The full moon was coming too, just four days away. He didn’t feel it like his brothers did, but it was in him just the same."
Companion piece: Mix: I Look A Little Bit Colder [LJ] [DW] by letut (Nov 2010. Not Rated)
Playlist created for Ollie Ollie, In Come Free. Includes cover art and a download link.
Consequence Chose [LJ] [DW] [DW: 1 2] by hannahrorlove (13,600 words. Nov 2010. Rated PG-13)
"In retrospect, it should’ve been a sign something was up, but plenty of werewolves delivered when they’d shifted down – Laurel had some cousins and a sister who had, and it was easier if the child was on all fours, sometimes they came into the world that way, just one of those things for how they worked."
Companion piece: Mix: Runs in the Family [LJ] [DW] by seimaisin (300 words. Nov 2010. Not Rated)
Playlist created for Consequence Chose. Includes lyrics excerpts and a download link.
Blood Letting [LJ] [AO3] [DW] [DW] by hannahrorlove (3,200 words. May 2010. Rated G)
On the idea of being normal, and its situational variances.
Bloodlines [LJ: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10] [FF] by maddoggirl (35,000 words. Jan 2007. Rated PG-13)
Historical AU, set in the Civil War. Even on opposite sides of a war, Fate has a way of bringing them together…
Category: Alternate Time Period
Rec Reasons: Research, Worldbuilding
Commentary: Bloodlines [LJ] [LJ] by maddoggirl (6,500 words. Sept 2007. Not Rated)
Blur [LJ f-locked] [DW] by bookgodess15 (1,100 words. Sept 2008. Rated T)
Every descent shall have an ascent.
Category: After Death/Afterlife
Rec Reasons: Brainglue, Structure
Bytecode (You Are Still in the Matrix Remix) [LJ] [AO3] by thedeadparrot (1,100 words. April 2007. Rated PG)
Five times House unplugged and thought he was somewhere else.
Category: Crossover Elements (Neuromancer — no prior knowledge needed); Science Fiction
Rec Reasons: Brainglue, Structure, Worldbuilding
Bytecode DVD Commentary [LJ] by thedeadparrot (2,600 words. April 2007. Not Rated)
Carry Me Home [LJ] [LJ] [LJ] [LJ] [AO3] [DW] [DW] by nightdog_barks (2,800 words. May 2009. Rated PG-13)
In the aftermath of the American Civil War, House embarks on an emotional mission.
Category: Alternate Time Period
Rec Reasons: Emotion, Worldbuilding
Clash of the Titans [LJ] [LJ] [FF] by ahedonia (2,000 words. Dec 2011. Rated PG)
A/N: Hi, I'm Anne, and lately I write primarily in Doctor Who fandom, but I just had this idea. At some point I realized that all my favorite shows had the same main character: someone supernaturally brilliant and tortured who could analyze anybody in a second, have the complete scoop on them and hence never be taken off guard or bested. I wondered what this said about me. I also wondered what it would be like to stick them all in the same room.
Category: Crossover Elements (some familiarity helpful: Doctor Who, The Mentalist, Sherlock), Science Fiction
Rec Reasons: Characterization, Dialogue, Humor, Premise
Comes a Day [LJ] [AO3] by deelaundry (700 words. April 2009. Rated PG-13)
There comes a day when the prediction House’s "father" made comes true: he really is good for quite literally nothing.
Category: Life-Altering Events
Rec Reasons: Characterization, Emotion, Portrayal of Disability
DVD Commentary [LJ] by deelaundry (500 words. Nov 2009. Not Rated)
Meme: Pick a paragraph (or any passage less than 500 words) from anything I've written, and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what's going on in the character's heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, lots of awful puns, and anything else that you'd expect to find on a DVD commentary track.
Creature of the Night [LJ] by alternatealto (1,600 words. Oct 2011. Rated G)
Strange things happen on Halloween. Especially if you're Wilson.
Category: Transmogrification
Rec Reasons: Dialogue, Humor
Cross Over [LJ] by alternatealto (31,400 words. Oct 2012. Rated PG-13)
They've been on the road for months, and Wilson's cancer is clearly getting worse. There's one last place he'd like to see before he dies: but the journey there will involve him and House in something far stranger than either of them could possibly imagine. Written for the Sick!Wilson Halloween Challenge--not a death!fic.
Category: Crossover Elements (Stargate SG-1 — little to no familiarity needed), Science Fiction
Rec Reasons: Characterization, Emotion
Crossing Night [LJ] by alternatealto (3,500 words. Oct 2010. Rated G)
Wilson has been dead for exactly one year tonight. House never expected the anniversary would become what it is.
Category: After Death/Afterlife
Rec Reasons: Characterization, Emotion, Premise
The Culmination [LJ] [DW] by nowadventuring (1,000 words. March 2008. Rated PG-13)
It's the end of the world, and everyone spends it their own way.
Category: Apocalypse
Rec Reasons: Characterization, Structure
Cure [LJ] [AO3] by alternatealto (3,500 words. July 2012. Rated NC-17)
A mysterious old man gives Wilson something, with far-reaching consequences.
Category: Magical Realism, Science Fiction
Rec Reasons: Humor
The Cure for Boredom [LJ] [FF] [DW] by mer_duff (2,800 words. Nov 2009. Rated PG)
"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." Dorothy Parker; "And there's the foundation of our entire friendship. If you hadn't been bored one weekend, it wouldn't even exist." James Wilson
Category: Alternate Personal History
Rec Reasons: Characterization, Premise
A Cure in the Country [LJ] [AO3] [DW] by nightdog_barks (1,100 words. July 2010. Rated G)
Is there a prescription for friendship?
Category: Alternate Time Period
Rec Reasons: Characterization, Premise
D5/Wingman 'verse by srsly_yes
Listed below in chronological order.
Category: Life-Altering Events
Rec Reasons (for this series): Characterization, Portrayal of Disability
See also: Discussion about including The Wingman in the Housefic Meta Library.
D5 [LJ] [FF] [AO3] [DW] (1,000 words. June 2008. Rated PG-13)
Friendship, blindness and a vending machine. Why should House be the only one who suffers?
The Wingman [LJ] [FF] [AO3] [DW: 1 2 3 4] (12,500 words. June 2008. Rated PG-13)
Friendship. Blindness. A Donors' Ball. It's a House-Wilson friendship story with a kind of role reversal.
DVD Bonus Feature: House's Checklist [LJ] [FF: included in The Wingman] [AO3] [DW] (1,700 words. July 2008. Rated PG)
House channels Henry Higgins to prepare Wilson for the Donor's Ball. Wilson's job is on the line.
Deathwatch [FF] by Tidwell (48,900 words. Feb 2007. Rated T)
Are the bizarre episodes House is experiencing real or hallucinations brought about by an as yet undiagnosed medical condition? The answers don't come easy. Spooky stuff.
Category: After Death/Afterlife
Rec Reasons: Brainglue, Emotion, Structure
Detroit Ragtime [LJ] [mp3] by triedunture (1,200 words. April 2008. Not Rated)
A response to savemoony's Odd Couple Challenge, a different take on how House and Wilson met.
Category: Alternate Personal History
Rec Reasons: Characterization, Imagery
Note: The mp3 audio version is read by the author.
The Devil and Greg House [LJ] by barefootpuddles (1,400 words. Oct 2012. Not Rated)
House makes a deal with the Devil.
Category: Deity Chat, Wishful Thinking
Rec Reasons: Characterization
A Different Point of You [LJ: 1 2 3 epilogue] [DW: 1 2 3 epilogue] by alternatealto (15,200 words. Sept 2010. Rated NC-17)
Wilson tells House something House wasn't prepared to hear, setting the two of them at odds.
Category: Science Fiction
Rec Reasons: Emotion, Structure
Distress Call (WIP) [LJ] [DW] by black_cigarette (148,000 words. April 2008. Rated R)
The universe where vampires aren’t exactly vampires, House and Wilson are legally dead, and the bonds of friendship sometimes come at a terrifying price.
Category: Alternate Personal History, Creatures/Mythical Beings, Science Fiction
Rec Reasons: Premise, Worldbuilding
Doctor House Takes a Vacation [LJ] [FF] by Tidwell (65,800 words. Nov 2008. Rated T)
"It's not what you think… you are curious… you will call the number. You will not be sorry." The challenge is irresistible, all House needs to send him off on a very strange trip. A nod and a wink to The Prisoner.
Category: Crossover Elements (The Prisoner — thematic elements only; no prior knowledge needed), Parallel Universe
Rec Reasons: Brainglue, Emotion, Structure, Worldbuilding
Doff Thy Name [LJ] [FF] by vampmissedith (11,600 words. Feb 2011. Rated T)
Normal men weren't applauded for being born with the proper appendage, and that's all Wilson wanted; to be normal. Not special, not unique, just James Evan Wilson, Head of Oncology, and male.
Category: Alternate Personal History
Rec Reasons: Characterization
Douglas [AO3] [DW] by sam_storyteller (2,200 words. Oct 2006. Rated PG)
House has a secret that isn't as funny as Wilson thinks it is.
Category: Alternate Personal History
Rec Reasons: Dialogue, Humor
Duck Duck Goose [LJ] [FF] [AO3] [mp3] by nightdog_barks (1,200 words. April 2007. Rated PG-13)
When the words are gone, what's left? Not a deathfic, but deals with the aftereffects of a catastrophic injury to a main character. Mature emotional themes. Strongly influenced by The Echo Maker by Richard Powers.
Category: Life-Altering Events, Recovery Fic
Rec Reasons (for this series): Emotion, Portrayal of Disability
Ugly Duckling [LJ] [AO3] [DW] [mp3] by nightdog_barks (700 words. Nov 2008. Rated PG-13)
There are a lot of things Jimmy Wilson has to relearn.
Sitting Duck [LJ] [LJ] by fayding_fast (3,600 words. Nov 2009. Rated PG-13)
"When Jimmy goes to bed at night-sleep time, sometimes, he dreams about monsters."

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